Selkirk First Nation

Fort Selkirk Historic site

Fort Selkirk Historic site

As a living cultural heritage site, Fort Selkirk is a place to share, respect and preserve for future generations.

The historic site of Huchá Hudän “Flatland people” / Fort Selkirk lies within the Traditional Territory of the Selkirk First Nation. It is located near the confluence of the Pelly and Yukon rivers.
Huchá Hudän/Fort Selkirk has long been a place of trade for both First Nation and settler people. The site was a traditional fishing, trading camp, and meeting place for generations of First Nations people. It also is the location of a former Hudson's Bay Company fur-trading post.
Huchá Hudän/Fort Selkirk Historic Site is co-owned and co-managed by the Selkirk First Nation (SFN) and Government of Yukon. This provision was laid out in the First Nation's Final Agreement in Chapter 13. Selkirk First Nation’s Final Agreement sets out the co-management of the site and acknowledges the important role that the First Nation has in protecting the area.

Chapter 13, Schedule A of the Selkirk First Nation Final Agreement states that the Fort Selkirk
Historic Site shall be co-owned and co-managed by the Selkirk First Nation and Government of Yukon and protected under the Historic Resources Act.

The Historic Site Management Plan (the Plan) provides long-range goals and objectives that will guide the protection, conservation, and interpretation of the heritage resources of Huchá Hudän / Fort Selkirk. The Plan is intended to respect the past and current activities of Selkirk First Nation by using the best practices in heritage conservation.

For the past 40 years, Selkirk First Nation and Yukon Government have worked together to research, conserve and interpret the historic townsite.

Huchá Hudän / Fort Selkirk was designated as a Yukon Historic Site on August 6, 2010. The designation ceremony was held July 12, 2011, at Fort Selkirk, Yukon
The updated Huchá Hudän / Fort Selkirk Historic Site Management Plan was approved and signed August 20, 2021, at Huchá Hudän / Fort Selkirk Historic Site.