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Video, podcast series and resource collections for educators, new Yukoners and more.

Our Resource Collections

The Gordon Foundation's Understanding Our Treaties website
La Gordon Foundation – Comprendre nos traités
Le site Web « Understanding Our Treaties » est une initiative de la Gordon Foundation visant à fournir un apprentissage par l’expérience des traités.
A Long Journey Home – Part Three - From Yesterday to Tomorrow
A Long Journey Home - Video Series
A Long Journey Home is a four part NEDAA series developed in partnership between the Council of Yukon First Nations and the Northern Native Broadcasting Yukon in 1997.
Perspective Series
The Perspectives Series is a series of panel discussions exploring the history of Yukon’s unique approach to self-government and land claims featuring the people actually at the table.
Children of Tomorrow Video Series
The Children of Tomorrow video series features 10, 2-4 minute videos of prominent Yukoners who were children when Together Today for Our Children Tomorrow was being created. They share their thoughts on the past, present and future of the Yukon Agreements.
An interview with Sam Johnston
Voices of Vision Podcast Series
The Voices of Vision podcast series features 10 interviews with some of the key people involved in negotiating and implementing the Yukon Final and Self-Government Agreements.