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Mapping The Way

Mapping the Way has been celebrating the Yukon First Nations Final and Self-Government Agreements and the many people behind them since 2009!

We are a non-partisan public education initiative created and run by the 11 self-governing Yukon First Nations, the Council of Yukon First Nations and the governments of Yukon and Canada.

What we do

Our mission is to increase awareness and understanding of Yukon First Nations Final and Self-Government Agreements, and the benefits these agreements bring to all Yukoners.

We do this through our website, Facebook page, Instagram page, many resources, and other promotional items.

Meet the working group

We are run by a working group of communications and implementation people from the 11 Yukon First Nations with Final and Self-Government Agreements, Council of Yukon First Nations, Government of Yukon, and Government of Canada. These members are responsible for the leadership and strategic direction of Mapping the Way.

Contact us

For more information about Mapping the Way, to provide us with feedback, partner with us or to request promotional items for your class, work place, or event please contact us. [at] (mappingtheway[dot]ca[at]gmail[dot]com)