Yukon Heritage Resources Board

Yukon Heritage Resources Board

Heritage and culture are important to all Yukoners, and the Yukon First Nation Final Agreements affirm their significance to our governments and communities.  The Yukon Heritage Resources Board was created by Chapter 13 of the Final Agreements to help facilitate heritage management and stewardship in the Yukon.

The Board makes recommendations to the governments of Canada, Yukon, and Yukon First Nations on the stewardship of Yukon’s heritage resources and sites, and determines ownership of heritage resources in disputes referred to the Board.

The Board conducts its work with a broad view of heritage that encompasses not only objects, artifacts, places, and buildings, but also trails and routes, stories, burial sites, oral and written history, documents, cultural practices, and languages.

To make recommendations and decisions related to this broad array of topics, the Board works with a wide range of heritage and legal experts, knowledge keepers, members of the public, organizations, and governments to ensure that it provides respectful, relevant, and appropriate recommendations and fair decisions that respect the spirit and intent of the Final Agreements.