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Economic Development

The Yukon Agreements aren’t just About First Nations

All Yukoners benefit from the Agreements.

Daryn Leas, Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in citizen

The UFA and the Final Agreements have benefited all Yukoners. We see Yukoners, whether you’re First Nation or not, participating and sitting on the boards and committees for the management of the land and resources, whether it’s Yukon Fish and Wildlife and Management Board, Renewal Resource Councils, the Heritage Boards. So all Yukoners have more of a say in how our resources are managed. I think that certainly the influx of financial compensation has benefited the Yukon. There’s more money being invested in Yukon businesses; whether it’s Kilrich, Yukon Inn, the High Country Inn - I could go on and on, business that are owned - Air North… it’s all money that’s been invested in the Yukon by Yukon First Nations. So those businesses have benefited everybody and I think overall, just getting our communities on an equal footing with other governments has stabilized the Yukon. I really believe that there’s going to be tons of opportunities available for education, for economic development… the sky’s the limit.